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Our vision is the universal adoption and establishment of precision agriculture practices on national and international level:

  • Adoption of smart digital practices and farming practices and optimum methods.
  • Ensuring a strong position in the Greek market and continuous – further development.
  • Creation of a relationship of respect and trust with our partners.

Our mission is to optimize the efficiency and profitability of the primary production sector.

  • Development and equipment using the latest technological means.
  • Provision of services tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • Gradual introduction of services aiming to provide integrated solutions.
  • Targeted and direct intervention while controlling the available resources.
  • Emphasis on the quality of services.


Drone mapping offers precision, performance and reliability in agricultural analysis, rendering this means a valuable tool for farmers.  

The process includes:
  • Monitoring of an area
  • Capture of images with the highest analysis, both in the visual and non-visual spectrum of human vision.
  • Direct production of high resolution and precision information.
  • Creation of a multi-spectrum imaging map.
  • Interpretation of data by specialized agronomists.
  • Accurate identification of different levels and needs of the fields.
  • Useful information on estimating the growth rate of the crop and the final volume of the production.


  • Area identification
  • Archeology
  • Agriculture
  • Support in Geophysical research
  • Exploration of hydrocarbon
  • Mining and exploration of minerals
  • Transportation and construction works, combined with on-site investigations (bridges, roads, highways)
  • Land/fishing research
  • Work development monitoring, supervision of assets, photogrammetry
  • Monitoring of vegetation and soil
  • Monitoring of wild animals and insects (aerial inventory or sampling)
  • Display of quarries and mining areas, 3D modeling, volumetric measurement and cadastral survey

Collaborate with us

Farmer: Why should I choose the methods of precision agriculture?

  • Increase of parcels’ productivity

  • Optimization of distribution and/or reduction of production cost and time

  • Improvement of the quality of the product and therefore its value

  • Sustainable protection and irrigation of crops

    • Elimination of health risks due to the use of traditional spraying methods

    • More effective control of production risks

    • Power over competition in an ever-changing environment

Agronomist: Why should I suggest the methods of precision agriculture?

  • Provision of better services to producers in the form of agricultural advice

  • Quick and timely implementation of controls

    • Increased efficiency and therefore income

    • Proper decision making based not only on experience and knowledge, but also on precise scientific data


  • High expertise

  • Understanding of the farmer’s needs and challenges

  • Cooperation with top agricultural consultants

  • Provision of branded services with guaranteed result

    • Continuous monitoring of developments in applications of precision agriculture

    • State of the art instrumentation and software technology

    • Specialization in agricultural consulting

Should the above-mentioned are of your interest…

We remain at your disposal for a meeting or telephone contact, in order to discuss the possibility of a reliable and profitable collaboration.

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